You will receive high resolution, digital files of our session. I do not expect compensation until session is over. Reach out to me and I will provide a quote for your shoot. Currently, I am shooting at rates starting at 100$ an hour. If your particular session carries risks to impact success, I will tell you in advance. Honesty is more important to me than any amount of money.  

What do I shoot

I capture people. Portraits, graduation, wedding, engagement, family, maternity, kids... I consider myself more of a story teller than a photographer. I want to make you to relax and do your thing.

I do all the photo editing. I have a style but I am not necessarily married to it. I change things around to make sure each frame is right. I do not mind working on 100s of pictures one by one. 

What I hate

Too much Photoshop. There is such thing as too much of a good thing. I am not animal, I will definitely fix that pimple but I am not going to apply crazy Photoshop to make someone look like a Kate Beckinsale or Hugh Jackman.